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Digital HDTV Receiver

Convert Your House Wiring into a Gigantic Super-Antenna

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Tested and proven in houses and apartment buildings all over the USA, this electronic wonder gives you access to hundreds of shows on local HD channels—100% free!

There are no monthly cable bills, no installation fees, and it doesn’t use one penny’s worth of electricity. You don’t even need an internet connection!

LiveWave™ is more powerful than any ordinary HD antenna, even the expensive ones that mount on the wall.

This innovative device taps into the hundreds of feet of wiring running through your walls and transform your entire house into a massive TV antenna!

LiveWave™ scans the airwaves and pulls in all available local channels so you can watch them any time FOR FREE!


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LiveWave™ Today?

Installs in minutes! No tools or technical knowledge required! Just plug it in, scan for channels, and you’re ready to go!

LiveWave™ costs nothing to operate! There are no installation fees and it doesn’t require an internet connection!

Cut the cord and stop paying extra for monthly cable bills! No more greedy cable providers or satellite dish companies!

How Does LiveWave™ Work?


LiveWave™ plugs into any standard electrical outlet in your home. Simply connect it to your TV using the included cable, then perform a quick channel scan.

It uses the electrical wiring in your house or apartment building to receive digital signals from broadcast towers in your area.

There’s no need for a complicated cable box, satellite dish or rabbit ears, LiveWave™ lets you watch local channels directly on your TV for free!

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