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Advanced Technology LiveWave™ Antenna

Convert Your House Wiring Into a Gigantic Super-Antenna!

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  • Convert your hidden house wiring into a giant super-powered TV antenna!

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Introducing the Newest Tech in
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Tested and proven in houses and apartment buildings all over the USA, this electronic wonder pulls in your favorite HD and SD channels so sharply and clearly, you won’t believe your eyes!

Now this electronic discovery can be yours at a DEEPLY DISCOUNTED PRICE during our big North American Rollout!

LiveWave™ is completely different from ordinary HD antennas, even the expensive ones that mount on the wall.

Plug it into any electrical outlet, and it safely and instantly changes your house into a GIANT TV ANTENNA with the hundreds of feet of wire inside your walls!

It doesn’t use one penny’s worth of electricity! You get all the TV reception FREE, in stunning HD ON YOUR TV!


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Installs in Minutes! Nothing complicated to hook up!

LiveWave™ Costs Nothing To Operate! Stays inside your home, away from rain, snow, and wind. Doesn’t draw any power!

No more expensive cable bills! Cut the cord! Stop paying cable or dish companies for TV!

How Does LiveWave™ Work?


* JUST PLUG the LIVEWAVE™ into an AC outlet, and then connect the cable to the cable input on your TV. Using your remote, go to the menu do a quick scan for channels.

The LiveWave™ is the smallest and most powerful at-home TV antenna. Its compact design makes it durable, powerful, and reliable. The LiveWave™ completely removes the need for cable.

There’s no need to pay expensive cable bills when you can simply plug in the LiveWave™ and start watching for FREE.

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