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Most people don’t realize that you can get high-definition TV channel access 100% free. That’s because most local cable networks still broadcast over the air for anyone to use for free! LiveWave™ lets you access these free channels by turning the electrical wiring in your home into a massive antenna
— and it’s 100% legal!

  • Patented & Powerful – The only TV antenna of its kind on the market. There’s nothing to point or adjust in order to get a clear signal. Just plug and play, LiveWave™ is in the perfect position
    every time!
  • Easy Setup – Installation takes less than 5 minutes! Plug the LiveWave™ antenna into any AC outlet, connect it to your TV, scan for channels, and that’s it! Start watching!
  • In Any Home – Works for both houses and apartment buildings! As long as you can plug LiveWave™ directly into an AC socket without an extension cord, you’ve got access!
  • Save Money – Cut your cable with confidence! Watch your favorite movies, sports, local news, and TV shows without the need for expensive cable packages!

How LiveWave™ Works
To understand how LiveWave™ works, you only need to understand that a TV antenna is just a long wire – and there are thousands of feet of electrical wiring built into your house or apartment building.

LiveWave™ turns all that wiring in your home into a massive receiving antenna and connects it to your TV. This allows you to access the network channels already being broadcasted in your area!

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These are Some of The Networks Broadcasting Free TV Now!



Here’s Why Customers Love LiveWave™…

The Most Innovative Home Antenna You Can Buy!

Receive Crystal Clear Free Channels, Never Pay for Cable Again.

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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Question:Where should I set up my LiveWave™ antenna?

Answer:Because you will need to attach the cable behind your TV, we suggest to plug your antenna in an AC outlet that is the nearest and preferably behind your TV.

Question:How many channels will I be able to access?

Answer:The channels available to you with your LiveWave™ antenna depend on your distance from the nearest broadcasting tower and other environmental factors. If there are obstructions between your location and the nearest tower, your signal may not be as strong.

Question:Does one LiveWave™ antenna work for every TV in my home?

Answer: No, each TV will require their own antenna to access free local channels.

Question:What input should be set on my TV to access free local channels?

Answer: Your input should be set to TV.

Question:Can I use my antenna for outdoor entertainment?

Answer: No, the antenna is only for indoor use.

Question:Do I need an internet connection for my antenna to work?

Answer: No, just your TV.

Question:If I move my antenna to another TV, does that mean I need to rescan for local channels?

Answer: Yes, it will require you to rescan.

Question:What remote can I use for my LiveWave™ antenna?

Answer: You can use the remote you already have.

Question:How can I access more free local channels?

Answer: To access more free local channels, we suggest getting the amplifier to boost your range.


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LiveWave Lifetime Protection & Replacement Plan

Extend your 1 Year Warranty to a LIFETIME Warranty on ALL your LiveWave devices for one low price! If anything ever goes wrong with your LiveWave device(s), send it back for a brand new one!

Retail Price: $20

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