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Get access to hundreds of free TV shows with LiveWave™ today!

Did you know you can get high-definition TV channel access 100% free? Local networks broadcast over-the-air TV signals that are free for anyone to use! LiveWave™ lets you access these signals by turning the electrical wiring in your home into a massive antenna. It lets you tune in to free local HD channels anytime you want—and it’s 100% legal!

  • Patented & Powerful – The only TV antenna of its kind on the market. There’s nothing to point or adjust to get a clear signal, LiveWave™ is in the perfect position every time!
    every time!
  • Easy Setup – Installation only takes a few minutes! Plug LiveWave™ into any electrical outlet, connect it to your TV, scan for channels, and then start watching!
  • In Any Home – Works for both houses and apartment buildings! As long as you can plug LiveWave™ directly into an AC socket without an extension cord, you’ve got access!
  • Save Money – Cut the cord and stop paying extra for monthly cable bills! Watch your favorite shows without any fees or expensive channel packages!

How LiveWave™ Works
To understand how LiveWave™ works, you only need to understand that a TV antenna is essentially just a long wire – and there are thousands of feet of electrical wiring running through your walls.

LiveWave™ transforms your whole house or apartment building into a massive antenna, which allows you to access the digital TV signals coming from broadcast towers in your area!

These are Some of The Networks Broadcasting Free TV Now!



Here’s Why Customers Love LiveWave™…

Mike Geren

“I got so many FREE channels”

I got a LiveWave™ antenna and free over the air TV for only $50. Works perfect.

Pete Owens


It’s called a “Power Line Carrier” and it’s at least a 10-year-old technology. I’m not familiar with this particular product, but the technology works great.

Paulene Wild

“Took a while to get here but worth the wait!”

I have them and they work. You use the electrical wiring in your house to receive your TV channels.

Clint Pazdera

“People need to know this!”

This is a great alternative to traditional antennas. It uses the electrical wiring in your house as an antenna. I guess none of you remember running dial-up internet through the same principle. It had a plug-in module that you would plug into your electrical outlet and then plug your phone line into it. Then, you could plug your computer telephone plug into any other electrical outlet in the house and use it. I just love people that tend to think things are impossible when they don’t understand them.

The Most Innovative Home Antenna You Can Buy!

Receive Crystal Clear Free Channels, Never Pay for Cable Again.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

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LiveWave™ Lifetime Protection & Replacement Plan

Extend your 1 Year Warranty to a LIFETIME Warranty on ALL your LiveWave™ devices for one low price! If anything ever goes wrong with your LiveWave™ device(s), send it back for a brand new one!

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